tomCovaTom Cova, Director & Professor

philDennisonPhil Dennison, Associate Director & Professor

andreaBrunelleAndrea Brunelle, Professor

larryCoatsLarry Coats, Adjunct Assistant Professor

frankDrewsFrank Drews, Professor

georgeHepnerGeorge Hepner, Professor

richMedinaRichard Medina, Assistant Professor

KathleenNicollKathleen Nicoll, Associate Professor

mitchPowerMitchell Power, Associate Professor 


sethBishopSeth Bishop

ryanHileRyan Hile, M.S. student
Vulnerability, geocomputation, and GIS

parisLathamParis Latham, M.S. candidate
Transportation modeling and analysis

dapenLiDapeng Li, Ph.D. candidate
Evacuation modeling, wildfire, and GIS

joshReynoldsJosh Reynolds

coreyUngerCorey Unger, M.S. candidate
Social media in earthquakes and GIS


jamesArnoldJames Arnold, M.S.
Wildfire and spatio-temporal modeling

Mace Bowen, M.S.
Hazardous materials and GIS

Weilun Chang, M.S.
Activity-based modeling in emergencies

linaCaoLina Cao, Ph.D.
Biological hazards, remote sensing and GIS

Mark Finco, Ph.D.
Vulnerability and industrial hazards

gregFryerGreg Fryer, M.S.
Wildland firefighter safety

michaelHernadezMichael Hernandez, Ph.D.
GIS and hazards

Carl Horton, Ph.D.
Seismic risk and GIS

zhenyuJinZhenyu Jin, Ph.D.
Invasive species and remote sensing

justinJohnsonJustin Johnson, M.S.
Evacuation modeling and GIS

koreyKleinKorey Klein, M.S.
Social media in disasters and GIS

tetsuoKobayashiTetsuo Kobayashi, Ph.D.
Time geography, emergency management, GIS

Jeremy Larsen, M.S.
Fire-spread and evacuation modeling

johnLowryJohn Lowry, M.S.
Vulnerability modeling and GIS

ericMartineauEric Martineau, M.S.
Earthquake risk perception and preparedness

scottMathesonScott Matheson, M.S.
Wildfire and remote sensing

phoebeMcneallyPhoebe McNeally, M.S./Ph.D.
Avalanche modeling, geovisualization, and GIS

richMedinaRichard Medina, Ph.D.
Terrorism, spatial and social networks, GIS

adrianMustersAdrian Musters, M.S.
Human factors and decision making

adamNaisbittAdam Naisbitt, M.S.
Avalanches, complexity science, and cartography

edPultarEdward Pultar, M.S.
Wildfire and dynamic GIS

yiQiYi Qi, Ph.D.
Wildfire and remote sensing

lauraSiebeneckLaura Siebeneck, M.S./Ph.D.
Evacuation analysis, return-entry and GIS

katieSmithKate Smith, M.S.
Emergency preparedness and GIS

marquessaVanDrimmelenMarquessa Van Drimmelen, M.S.
Evacuation, social networks, and time geography

jeffVanLooyJeff VanLooy, Ph.D.
Sea-level rise, geomorphology and volcanic hazards

daphneWhiteDaphne White, Ph.D.
Chronic technological hazards

scottWhiteScott White, Ph.D.
Floods, geovisualization, and GIS

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